Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Reasons for choices

Positive associations and memories
People and places - who you are with and where you where at the time
Moods and atmosphere
Live gigs
Top of the pops
Now compilations
School disco
School trips
Primary school
Ownership of CD, and where you bought it
spending own money
Repetition of track - radio, ipod, clubs
Visuals - the band, the look, the performance
Tastes in music - like the sound
Recognition, awareness, changing tastes, wider influences
Message or significant lyrics
keepin it real - something that feels real and close to you
music that makes you think and feel
role models - want to be them or be with them

Some gendered reasons eg
Dressing up, learning dance routines, sleepovers (girls)
Sports coverage, creativity - own music production, learning guitar etc (boys)

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